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While you were working – On the treadmill

The journey commences, we are wading through the seemingly never ending marsh of clerical joy, wiping the administrative bum ever hopeful for the return of a clean square of toilet paper. The journey now takes us to the Australian embassy, a necessary step along the way, we need to get a statutory declaration detailing the […]

While you were working – Miraflores, Lima

The sleep of champions is the only way to describe last night. Aided by having a more comfortable bed than usual we feel the draining effects of adrenaline to begin realising our fatigue from the last day or so. One thing at a time though, we need to go shopping and begin the escalation of […]

While you were working – Getting into Lima

As the hateful events of last night settle into a greater sense of clarity, we begin to glimpse some forms of positivity; we have our health, we’re safe and we can start to get back on our feet. I chastise myself as I wade through the ever so boring process of changing passwords, erasing iPads […]

While you were working – Huanchaco Peru

I wake to a shock, panic flooding the fleeting moments as dreams escape to ether; but no, we’re not still on a bus, we awake in a bed, a real bed laying flat and all. This is happiness, or maybe relief; either way we’re in Peru, we can hear the waves crashing, the sun is […]

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