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What you’d rather be seeing – Vietnam

Six weeks riding motorbikes from Saigon to Hanoi was one of the best things we’ve done on our year, an adventure within the adventure that delivered memories for a lifetime.  The Ho Chi Minh trail in the mountains bordering Laos was incredible but the countryside was at its most amazing due to the people and […]

Top 10 – Vietnam

 A Top-10 means a top ten, not two top tens but we’re all about breaking out of strict rules and living dangerously after a road trip too big to fit into just one. In a country that’s basically the worlds biggest food buffet placed into dramatic scenery with inspiring people we ate, we saw, we […]

While you were working – Forget Me Nots, Hanoi, Vietnam

 There’s love affairs and there’s just affairs, some are meant to last and some are made only for the memories which outlast a dream that will never be. In 40 days we’ve indulged in love affairs with Rob and Greg on the road trip to end all road trips, an affair became so much more […]

While you were working – Grand Shadows, Hanoi, Vietnam

 As the last few intense days settle into some form of normality we are off into Hanoi for a more regular tourist look into the sights, sounds and smells of this crazy town. Through the washing machine of seeing a young life take steps towards forgiving himself, hearing of a heart wrenching past and feeling […]

While you were working – Inconvenient, La Phu, Vietnam

 Just when we thought Rob and Greg were comfortable settling down to retirement it’s on the road again, this time just a short trip out of town to see where Tung grew up, a town called La Phu. With the rainy season dousing our hopes for a venture into the northern wilderness of Vietnam this […]

While you were working – Great Things, Hanoi, Vietnam

¬†Yesterday we went to the pub with Tung and today he read my writings about that night. His English isn’t polished but at times correctness is not necessary when creating a writing voice or impact. Coming out was a long time ago for us and although we remember the time it’s impact has been dulled […]

While you were working – A Look in a Mirror, Hanoi, Vietnam

 Wandering these streets seems too familiar too quickly in the storm of chaos that describes them. Yet familiar they seem more than they ought, a travellers adaptability or maybe a human resilience we all have but so rarely grant an opportunity to shine? Tung is leading the way as he tends to do; being a […]

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