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What you’d rather be seeing – Latin America

Six months travelling from Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina has resulted in the below 26 shots which we seem to keep coming back to. The feature image above (making 27)  captures our experience the most comprehensively.  The image was taken while submitting Volcano Purace in Colombia and reflects the amount of […]

Top 5’s – Latin America

Jumping the gun slightly with a few days to wile away in Buenos Aires it’s time to deviate somewhat from the social commentary, cultural immersion and environmental observations. It’s time to recount what any traveller needs to know about South America. Forget the travel guides, TV shows and, ahem, the blogs because we have all […]

While you were working- American History- X, Latin America

Travelling, what a romantic notion: sandy white beaches, not a care in the world, cocktails at any hour of the day and mind broadening experiences.  Yes it’s all these things and more, when travelling it’s nearly impossible not to catch whisps of politics, tensions and history from anywhere you go. Every country in this great […]

What you’d rather be seeing – trekking in the Patagonian Andes

Tierra del Fuego  Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego Southern Patagonia    Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, El Chalten  Perito Moreno Glaciar, El Calafate  Refugio Encanto Blanco, El Bolson       Catedral Reserva, Bariloche  Lakes Districts of Chile and Argentina  Parque Huerquehue, Pucon, Chile  North and Central Argentina […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Chile

We loved Chile. It is a fun, outdoor focused and friendly country that I really enjoyed getting my camera out in. Below are some of my favourite images from our time there, I hope you enjoy them. Note please view on an iPad or larger screen. Arica San Pedro de Atacarma Parque Huerquehue Valparaiso Santiago

Top 10 – Chile

With a huge amount of highlights not in this list it’s fair to say that Chile was very good to us. We have travelled in the south of Chile before, this time the north laid out such a differing array of cards it’s hard to believe they could be in the same deck. Notably Salar […]

While you were working – Farewell Polska Drużyna

The last of the embers have settled into the Valparaiso harbour along with the banished haze of a new years bender not to be forgotten; the former far sooner than the latter. Even this is questionable of team Poland, or as they say in central Europe, Polska Drużyna. Valparaiso seems a long way away now […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Valparaiso, Chile

We spent a wonderful four days over New Years in the Chilean party city of Valpo. Steve has already summed it up so well however it has been such a photogenic city that I wanted to put my favourites in its own “what you’d rather be seeing”. I hope you like a couple of them […]

While you were working – Sing it again Valpo

There are rare times when things become or simply are, more than they ought. Be it a person achieving beyond expectations, an event with outcomes out shining its station or indeed a place that lives bigger than its borders. Welcome to Valparaiso, or as only seems appropriate given the irreverent disregard to the norm here, […]

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