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Category / Zimbabwe

Top 10 – Southern Africa

Like a whirlwind we whistled through southern Africa only too aware that we are putting the merest toe in the water of this great continent. But alas, there is a big world out there waiting to be seen and Africa proper will wait for another time. Botswana played host to us for the majority of […]

While you were working – Lost Youth, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

We’ve been staring at the mist rising up from the falls for two days now, the falls themselves humbly waiting their turn in the line of incredible sights this town has thrown our way. But the wait is no longer, one of the worlds great three falls alongside Iguazu which borders Argentina and Brazil and […]

While you were working – Adaptation, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

After taming the beasts at the border we make our long awaited arrival into Victoria Falls; long awaited by us, not the population of this bustling town I’m sad to say. Parking the car and dashing out into the world after a flash-in-the-pan storm we charge out of the hostel in a heady humidity full […]

While you were working – African Smile, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It’s been talked about for so long, the famed mighty Zambezi river, the river itself but more pointedly rafting down it. A staggering volume of water is collected from the famous Victoria Falls and all that water comes pumping down the Zambezi, one of the wildest rafting rides in the world. And today we realise […]