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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

Month / November 2014

While you were working – Huanchaco Peru

I wake to a shock, panic flooding the fleeting moments as dreams escape to ether; but no, we’re not still on a bus, we awake in a bed, a real bed laying flat and all. This is happiness, or maybe relief; either way we’re in Peru, we can hear the waves crashing, the sun is […]

While you were working – Another day; another border

It’s travel time again and this one is gonna be a doozy, we’re travelling from Cuenca in Ecuador to Huanchaco in Peru, it should be about 17 hours hours over three buses leaving at 9:15pm… hateful. We’ve opted for a big leg as much of what we want to do in Peru is down the […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Ecuador

# please view on iPad or larger screen Ecuador really resonated with Steve and myself. The people, the outdoors, the volcanoes and the architecture all made our time in Ecuador more than this small country ever promised. I like to think the images below give each of you an insight into what an amazing country […]

Top 10 – Ecuador

It’s top 10 time again, and this one is a tricky one. While avoiding the folly of ranking countries it must be said that Ecuador has the least downsides thus far, there’s simply nothing to pick at in Ecuador, nothing. It’s in this feature that naming a top 10 is tricky, Ecuador is the emotionally […]

While you were working – Party time in Cuenca

Through the alcoholic haze induced by the eastern European occupation of our formerly civilised state, the sights and sounds of Cuenca continue to impress. We finally get around to the Ecuadorian dish controversially called a delicacy by some, cuy, otherwise known as cute little fluffy guinea pigs. It’s definitely an experience and quite a unique […]

While you were working – A day in Cuenca

On our first full day in Cuenca we are pleased to see that our initial feelings are holding true, Cuenca is beautiful, contemporary and the game of ‘avoid the Americans’ isn’t all too invasive. The one funny thing is that early in the week everything seems to be closed, and I mean everything, it seems […]

Gluttony Expedition – Who’d have thought

As we near the end of our travels in Ecuador, a resounding theme that crops up is that whatever you think about Ecuador is probably totally wrong. From culture, style, economy, sophistication and definitely food, Ecuador is far more than that little country in South America (or Africa as many people think apparently), it’s so […]

While you were working – Into Cuenca

With a touch of romantic sadness we farewell Quito, already having extended our stay but alas, we must move on. Our journey takes us to Rio Bamba, in the Chimborazo province, the site of the highest mountain in Ecuador: Volcan Chimborazo. But this is a fleeting stay, spoiled by the grandeur that is Quito, this […]

While you were working – Champion of champions

When entering a new place, a new town, a new city: it’s impossible not to carry in some expectations. We read in guidebooks and hear from other travellers an array of influencing information. So what does that mean when the bus stops? Of course it means that we embark on a game of ‘shape up […]

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