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Month / November 2014

While you were working – Quito sight seeing

We arise to our second day in Quito, already impressed by the grandeur of the architecture and landscape, it’s time to have a look around. We take in a free walking tour to have a poke around, further reinforcing the impression that Quito is a city of notable romance. While the walking tour was fun, […]

While you were working – Quito

Quito, the second highest capital in the world, a relatively small and sprawling city clinging around a mountainous landscape that seems just too aggressive to host a major city. We arrive fresh thanks to the awesome Ecuadorian busses and we’re off to have a poke around the city. On first looks, we have to say […]

While you were working – Volcan Cotopaxi

Well D-Day has arrived, we’re off to have a crack at Volcano Cotopaxi, and we’re a little excited to say the least. At 2pm we drive up to 3800m, the refuge where we’ll spend the afternoon. It is only the afternoon mind you, we’ll be up at 10pm to get dressed and start climbing, yes […]

While you were working – Latacunga, Ecuador

Enough of the dedicated pursuit to practicing for old age, we’re in Latacunga for one main purpose; not surprisingly, a volcano. Volcano Cotopaxi (5897m) is the iconic heart of Ecuador and the highest active volcano in the world, and we’re going to have a crack at summiting it. A weird little fact: When it comes […]

While you were working – Around Otovalo, Ecuador

Otovalo is for us a place of one big deep breath. On one hand we’re in an environment that is relaxing and pleasant to be in, on the other hand this altitude literally takes your breath away. So we’re off and about to have a look around Otovalo and see what we can see, first […]

While you were working – Into Ecuador

Entering into a new country is always a little exciting, new culture to see, another stamp in the passport and an adventure begins anew. I’ve never done a walk across a border either which definitely adds to the theatre, so it’s country number four for the trip, lets see what Ecuador has in store for […]

Top 5 – Colombia

Yes it’s top five time, not top ten this time, yes that is an indictment on Colombia but lets just gloss over that shall we. Colombia did come home with the goods towards the back end of our trip so we’ll focus on that. Disclaimer time: we are very aware that we’re short term tourists, […]

While you were working – Up we go!

Before we set of on this adventure we were often asked what we were most looking forward to. My common reply was either Colombia or hiking in the Andes. Today both elements combine as we attempt to summit volcano Purace, will the relative disappointment of the former be carried on the grandeur of the latter? […]

While you were working – Colombian Coffee

After what can only be described as a shitful start to our time in Colombia we’re back to our more traditional travelling ethos of getting out of cities and it’s paying off. We’re off to climb a mountain today, so it’s up at 4:30 and meeting the bus on a cold lonely street at 5am. […]

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