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What you’d rather be seeing – Thailand

Thailand. Close your eyes a minute and what do you see? Cheap beers, bars, beaches, ladyboys, nightlife? Many do and many are so wrong. Like judging a book by its cover, the pages have revealed so much more; Thailand deserves a second look; a proper look. This is what we saw in the short time […]

Top 10 – Thailand

 They’re falling like ten pins these borders, we’re crossing countries in a flash but in the hasty flight that is our south east Asian whirlwind travel gems are not lost to the void of a swirling tempest. On a recurring theme of ‘more than what you thought’ we leave Thailand and with it comes the […]

While you were working – A Sweet Face, Bangkok, Thailand

 Every cloud has a silver lining goes the saying, just as every road has a traffic jam in Bangkok, yet a hard task it is to scratch the former from the latter. An ocean of red lights twinkling as if a burning moon has rippled the surface of a world stood still turns our silver […]

While you were working – Big Wide World, Ayuthaya, Thailand

 There’s times when curiosity gets the better of you, when you just have to have a look at something that you are certain contains little nutritional value. Welcome to Khao san road, Bangkok. Made so famous in Australia not just because of its bohemian original backpacker haunts and, at the time, new world sense of […]

Gluttony Expedition – Hallmark Day, Bangkok, Thailand

 It’s that time of year, the moment where the world stands still for the birthday that is far more than just another circle on a calendar, it’s a global celebration. We’re not talking about the birthday of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luthor King, Ghandi, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln or Buddha himself; far more importantly its the day […]

While you were working – Growing up, Bangkok, Thailand

 Disclaimer is defined as such: a statement that denies something, especially responsibility. A disclaimer is precisely whats required to begin this day in terms of not taking responsibility for how it has unfolded; it also applies to the reading of this days adventures. So mums, relatives, colleagues and friends; don’t judge, as the disclaimer says, […]

While you were working – A Dark Alley, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 There’s food, riding bikes around town, some shopping and outstanding coffee. Even the coffee must be skimmed over today as they pale into insignificance come 8:30pm, the moment this day becomes alive in a way to make the hours that came before it seem irrelevant, not worth commenting on. In a travel headspace where every […]

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