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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

Month / March 2015

While you were working – African Smile, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It’s been talked about for so long, the famed mighty Zambezi river, the river itself but more pointedly rafting down it. A staggering volume of water is collected from the famous Victoria Falls and all that water comes pumping down the Zambezi, one of the wildest rafting rides in the world. And today we realise […]

While you were working – Priorities, Kasane, Botswana

Everything you’ve heard about those sleep sound machines is piffle, just piffle; you know the ones that sound like dolphins, rainforests or water? Well they’re nothing compared to the sleeping sounds of camping in Africa. Perched in a tent atop our car for the night we doze off serenaded by the call of the wild, […]

While you were working – Everyday Life, Nata, Botswana

Back in Charlie’s home town the gallery is jittery, an expectant hush ripples across the masses as the stewards hold up the all too familiar hand held sign calling for quiet. Tiger Winn takes to the first tee to address the ball, the Selebi Phikwe faithful have waited 19 years for the return of the […]

While you were working – Fences, Stellenbosch, South Africa

From coming face to face with a great white to the definition of posh wealth, Stellenbosch sits so conspicuously yet comfortably close by to the untamed wild. Stellenbosch is a small town, a university town that hums with all the usual buzz and vibe that a youthful population brings. Trendy bars and cafes spill onto […]

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