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Category / South Africa

Top 10 – Southern Africa

Like a whirlwind we whistled through southern Africa only too aware that we are putting the merest toe in the water of this great continent. But alas, there is a big world out there waiting to be seen and Africa proper will wait for another time. Botswana played host to us for the majority of […]

While you were working – Fences, Stellenbosch, South Africa

From coming face to face with a great white to the definition of posh wealth, Stellenbosch sits so conspicuously yet comfortably close by to the untamed wild. Stellenbosch is a small town, a university town that hums with all the usual buzz and vibe that a youthful population brings. Trendy bars and cafes spill onto […]

While you were working – Home, Cape Town, South Africa

Buenos Aires hums and thrums with the pulse that only a big city can, a massive heaving mob of people crowded into a space probably a little too small and making something awesome of it anyway. In many ways BA represents so much of what Latin America has become to us: fashionable, energetic, disorganised and […]