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Month / December 2014

While you were working – Parque Huerquehue, Chile

With the haze of Christmas drawing to a fine point in the rear view mirror we set our sights on offsetting the recent heavy drinking we’ve bravely endured. There seems only one true option here, and that’s to take on a few days camping in the nearby Parque Nacional Huerquehue; and we’re still unsure how […]

While you were working – Feliz Navidad, Chile

A hush descends around the ground, the sun beats down on commentators and spectators alike giddily waiting to see who will win the toss. Will we get to see Australia bat or bowl today? While it’s still Christmas day here in Chile the boxing day test is set to start a little later, the best […]

While you were working – Pucon, Chile

Nearly a decade ago we journeyed to what seemed like the end of the earth, in a country called Chile. It was our first holiday together, inspired by atheist revelation in the beauty of the Andes we were set on a course that would guide us here today. We spent Christmas in this magnificent part […]

While you were working – Flying south for the summer

Southern hemisphere migratory birds may fly south for the summer; we aren’t afforded the freedom and grace of flight, overnight busses are the less romantic version of our seasonal migration. Before that can happen though we need to fatten up our stores for the journey into the cold, namely gathering our appropriate clothing and gear […]

Gluttony Expedition – Welcome to Chile

The nine years since we’ve been in Santiago has been a busy time with the city growing up a lot since we were here last, particularly in terms of its cuisine. Our previous edition of eating in Santiago was punctuated by three main factors that come to mind all these years later; horrid amounts of […]

While you were working – Pisco Elqui, La Serena, Chile

Rejoice all functioning alcoholics among us, today we indulge in Chiles own Pisco, the potent liquor distilled from wine that I’m fast developing an addiction to like an ex-pat to gin. With team Poland off jaunting in Bolivia for the moment we’ve sadly developed under-utilised livers, a condition that needs immediate correction. So it’s off […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Northern Chile

Parque Nacional Lauca Up here we see the most water we’ve seen, lake ChungarĂ¡ sits at the base of two volcanos, Parinacota the grandest at 6350m. This is just rude, just rude. A salty altiplano lake with crusty white and yellow trim supports flamingos, ducks and god knows how many other birds enclosed by a […]

While you were working – La Serena, Chile

Of course the 16 hour overnight bus takes more than 17 hours, just for giggles. As if when finish time at 10am rolls around you’re not keen to get off so staying till eleven is just joyful. All fun aside we arrive in La Serena, a town that is to us little more than a […]

While you were working – Farewell Atacama, Chile

With heads still reeling from the past few days we have a quiet day at the hostel to relax, cook some food and mentally prepare for the hateful 16 hour bus ride to come tonight. With some time to comprehend it all we can begin to try putting some perspective on what we’ve seen in […]

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