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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

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Month / December 2014

While you were working – San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

I feel a need to express how much I love overnight busses. Although this one was probably one of the most flash buses we’ve been on there’s no escaping how painful the journey is, eleven hours of wanting to be elsewhere. This trip also had an added feature to make the journey all the more […]

While you were working – Parque Lauca, Arica, Chile

The desert is calling us, words I never really thought I’d say let alone type to be immortalised to the world, but call it does. With scant time to spare we are desperate to launch ourselves however possible into the desert and indeed an environment we’ve been eyeing off like a good looking chap at […]

While you were working – Farewell Peru

We’re finally heading out of Peru, this day cannot have come soon enough. We have thankfully been able to stay sane and not get a divorce during the most painful travel week ever and now metaphorically it’s time to finally flush this toilet. The stubborn unnaturally buoyant turd that is Peru has been preventing this […]

While you were working – Lima, The pretty bits

With the day into Lima centre resounding as a more impacting window into the city and possibly the country than expected we wind up our final painful days in Lima sticking to what can only be called the pretty bits of the city. While any city in the world has areas with more appeal than […]

While you were working – A day on the town, Lima

The time has come to view the mountain of administrative crap we need to do and realise that most of it is behind us rather than in front. Admittedly Charlie has been in spreadsheet organisational mode and I’ve, for the most part, just been looking pretty: and doing a great job of it might I […]

While you were working – On the treadmill

The journey commences, we are wading through the seemingly never ending marsh of clerical joy, wiping the administrative bum ever hopeful for the return of a clean square of toilet paper. The journey now takes us to the Australian embassy, a necessary step along the way, we need to get a statutory declaration detailing the […]

While you were working – Miraflores, Lima

The sleep of champions is the only way to describe last night. Aided by having a more comfortable bed than usual we feel the draining effects of adrenaline to begin realising our fatigue from the last day or so. One thing at a time though, we need to go shopping and begin the escalation of […]

While you were working – Getting into Lima

As the hateful events of last night settle into a greater sense of clarity, we begin to glimpse some forms of positivity; we have our health, we’re safe and we can start to get back on our feet. I chastise myself as I wade through the ever so boring process of changing passwords, erasing iPads […]

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