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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

Month / July 2015

While you were working – Myth Busted, Tam Coc, Vietnam

 Vietnam wakes up and bustles into another busy day, early as usual ferrying huge quantities of food on scooters and in baskets loaded on backs. Usually we’re sleeping through this ritual but today Rob and Greg are sounding out a morning cry as we speed through the dramatic mountain scape from Phong Nha northward to […]

While you were working – Paradise Lost, Phong Nha, Vietnam

 I never thought that standing at the pearly gates would be such a sweaty ordeal; in fact I was pretty sure I was heading straight to the more fun side of the afterlife, being an abomination and all. But to my surprise more than anyone else’s here I am and Charlie’s here too. This all […]

While you were working – A Crowd of Giants, Phong Nha, Vietnam

 5:30am and the alarm goes signalling a commencement to what we’ve taken to calling ‘the big day’, stocking up on bun mi’s (Vietnamese baguettes) and a cake in the bustling early hours of the morning. We wave to Ari and Jamie sitting at the cafe for Ari’s much needed morning coffee before it’s out of […]

While you were working – The Trail, Khe Sanh, Vietnam

 The time has arrived, we’re fronting up to the mechanics dressed in black like a couple of grieving widows. As we approach there’s no solemn face with a serious brow, no empathetic tilt of the head to assure us that they did everything they could. Instead there’s Greg, or a bike that looks like Greg […]

While you were working – R.I.P. Hue, Vietnam

 After two sessions at the mechanic in Hue we’re finally off and running, pushing forward towards the Ho Chi Minh trail and onward to Phong Nha. The leg of riding through the Phong Nha national park is not only one of the longest days on this road trip its also meant to be one of […]

While you were working – Not in this Lifetime, Hue, Vietnam.

 With all the architectural and design brilliance clearly on display all around us it continues to baffle me why old cultures made stairs so bloody steep. Surrounded by immense stone carvings, monoliths that reach to the sky and balustrades more akin to artwork in rock it seems that no one along the way thought to […]

While you were working – Educating Greg, Hue, Vietnam

 Our day threatens to begin like some others have, with a desperate need for food and coffee. Possibly it’s now appropriate to make a confession, pretty much all days start this way but lets all agree to keep up the illusion that we are about more than just food, shall we. Sadly this days commencement […]

While you were working – Same Same or Different, Hue, Vietnam

 We’ve woken up not in the twilight zone, but the demilitarised zone. This is not a science fiction scenario or a drug induced psychosis, just the middle of Vietnam where at the Geneva conference of 1954 the post colonial division of north and south Vietnam was drawn. In fact the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) is a […]

While you were working – Winking at the Boys, Hue, Vietnam

 The farewells have been made for Hoi An, this town of near immeasurable romance; for now it’s an early morning scamper from town like outlaws in an old western movie. A quick stop by the tailor for a final check up, five baguettes in the backpack and it’s out of town before the sheriff catches […]

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