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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

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Month / April 2015

While you were working – Through the Cracks, Chame, Nepal

Like an apparition there is a glimpse, a suggestion. The world turns again as our booted feet pad the road through the town of Dharapani, but this morning stands aside from the last two. Before us to the west a mountain rears up high, graceful, snow capped and imposing, an awe inspiring view that seems […]

While you were working – Hide and Seek, Dharapani, Nepal

From a nights sleep spent on a pillow of desperate disappointment the sun rises to a day of reclaimed optimism. We’re not really spiritual people but the idealism of Annapurna has reached near sacred status to us, our first day of seeing a desecration of this place was a sharp slap in the face we […]

While you were working – More Wrapping Paper, Jagat, Nepal

Four years of Christmas like anticipation has banked up, the boots are laced  up, packs are packed and I don’t care anymore that I woke up this morning with signs that I shared a bed with a rat last night. The first footfalls take place from the wobbly timber guesthouse and onto the rough stone […]

While you were working – Apple Pies, Buhlbuhle, Nepal

After a hateful exercise in restraint we’re finally off to Annapurna today, just saying that seems forbidden such has been the wait. We’ve had a great time in Kathmandu but Nepal has always been about Annapurna, one of the few big items on the travel list that was never at risk of falling foul of […]

While you were working – Sale, Kathmandu, Nepal

Another day comes screeching in the window in this most manic of cities, the regular bleat of car and scooter horns is fast becoming our sound-track to Kathmandu. With passes sorted for hiking Annapurna yesterday we stay the hand of giddy hiking excitement to delve for a more tourist mode, and in Kathmandu that means […]

While you were working – New Jacket, Kathmandu, Nepal

More clear headed today we awake with senses more coherent than dazed, more eager than retreating. There’s a world outside the window of our guesthouse but it’s barely outside at all, sounds wedge themselves into every nook of this city including our room. And so the slow resurrection from travel coma takes place, drowning in […]

While you were working – Making Sense, Kathmandu, Nepal

Words are such a powerful thing sometimes, fear, joy, love and despair join a raft of emotions that can be dragged irrationally from seemingly nowhere and laid upon the unsuspecting victim from the utterance of a single word. These unbidden fish are plucked from the still waters of our minds so individually they rarely carry […]

Top 10 – Southern Africa

Like a whirlwind we whistled through southern Africa only too aware that we are putting the merest toe in the water of this great continent. But alas, there is a big world out there waiting to be seen and Africa proper will wait for another time. Botswana played host to us for the majority of […]

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