Jumping the gun slightly with a few days to wile away in Buenos Aires it’s time to deviate somewhat from the social commentary, cultural immersion and environmental observations. It’s time to recount what any traveller needs to know about South America. Forget the travel guides, TV shows and, ahem, the blogs because we have all you need to know ladies and gentlemen. So here’s our somewhat light hearted look at what has made our trip what it is. 

Top 5 coffee:

5- Hacienda Guayabal, Manizales, Colombia
4- Charlies boyfriends cafe, Lima, Peru
3-  Latte & Te, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2- Ki-Bok, Tulum, Mexico
1- Wonderful, Santiago, Chile

Top 5 best meals (based on restaurant)

5- La Esquina, Huanchaco, Peru (with Ola and Piotr…aka Team Poland)
4- Resto Sibaris,Cordoba, Argentina (with Laf and Barnaby)
3- Bocanariz, Santiago, Chile (our ten year anniversary)
2- Casarena Winery, Mendoza, Argentina (with Sophie and Kate…aka Team Melbourne)
1- Nickys New York Sushi, Buenos Aires, Argentina (with Ben…our nephew)

Top 5 cities and towns:


 5- Quito, Ecuador
4- Cuenca, Ecuador
3- Buenos Aires, Argentina 
2- Santiago, Chile
1- Havana, Cuba

Top 5 drinks:


5- 1920’s cocktails, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nick’s New York Sushi)
4- Mendoza red wine blends, Argentina
3- Mojitos, Ecuador
2- Pisco Sour, Peru/ Chile
1- Cuban Rum, Cuba

Top 5 hikes:

5- Volcan Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Ecuador
4- Volcan Purace, Popoyan, Colombia
3- Parque Huerquehue, Pucon, Chile
2- Cerro Fitz Roy, El Chalten, Argentina
1- Cathedral Reseve, Bariloche, Argentina

Top 5 Friendliest People:

5- Colombians
4- Argentinians
3- Mexicans
2- Ecuadorians
1- Chilenos

Top 5 Boozy Nights:

5- Dirty Sanchez, Quito, Ecuador – with Ola and Piotr (Team Poland).
4- Wine tasting, Mendoza, Argentina – with Sophie and Kate (Team Melbourne). 
3- Cigale hostel, Cuenca, Ecuador – Team Poland.
2- Valparaiso, Chile, New Years – Team Poland and Team Melbourne.
1- Pucon, Chile, Christmas Day – Team France and Team Germany.

Top 5 Cultural Experiences:

5- Chamula Township, San Christobal, Mexico
4- Busking Duo, Havana, Cuba
3- Spanish School, Cuenca, Ecuador
2- Flamenco Dancing, Havana, Cuba
1- Frida Kahlo House, Mexico City, Mexico

Top 5 Great Outdoors:

5- San Martin Refugio, Cathedral Reserve, Bariloche, Argentina
4- Laguna Cejar, San Pedro, Chile
3- Perito Moreno Glacier, El Chalten, Argentina
2- Horse Riding, Sayta, Argentina
1- Cenote Diving, Tulum, Mexico

Top 5 Places we Stayed:

 5- Chilli Kiwi, Pucon, Chile (for Christmas)
4- Rusty-K, Cafayate, Argentina
3- La Constancia, San Javier, Argentina (with Laf and Barnaby)
2- Sayta Ranch, Argentina
1- Valparaiso House, Chile (for NYE with Ola, Piotr and Paulina/Team Poland)

Start planning now. Actually no need to plan, we’ve just done that for you so go get travelling. Unsurprisingly we found that this list and the countries that feature in it are quite in line with the countries that we most fell in love with. Averaged out to days spent in that country Chile and Ecuador stand out from the crowd. Argentina remains the most dividing country with factors that are either awesome or disastrous making it a rollercoaster of a travel experience. Cuba blew us away, Colombia started poorly but came home strong, Mexico is food and culture paradise then Peru; well lets skip past Peru just as we did. A diverse continent in both natural environments and people, close land borders are as strong as ever making this continent a patchwork of divided cultures that are an artwork when viewed together. Bueno!