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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

Author / stevecharlie

Top 20 – The world 20-11

 How do you take an action packed and wildly diverse year and pick just the twenty best things from it? Well you drink copious amounts of sake and beer and just start taking notes of where the conversation goes. All the highlights from this year are listed in each countries Top-10 list (search for Top-10 […]

Top 10 – Countries

 What’s better, an apple or an orange? That impossible question sums up what it’s like to try and determine what country is better or worse than another, invariably the designation is simple difference instead of any sort of linear ranking. So removing any commentary on an overall determination of good or bad, we’ll go with […]

Top 10 – The World…Train Smashes

 As much fun as it is throwing out expressions like ‘bit jealous’ and ‘While you were working’ this travel gig is not always plain sailing. It could be absolute train smashes or it could be just restoring the balance; either way, here’s our top ten list of what went wrong, didn’t compare to expectations or […]

Top 5’s – The World

 As this great adventure draws to an unbelievable close it’s time to start indulging in the very human habit of ranking and listing. The serious lists of ‘Best Country’, ‘Best experiences’ will soon be joined by ‘Greatest Train Smashes’ on a blog post near you. For now though there’s time still in Japan to stake […]

The Heist 4/4

Approximately 3am 29th Novmber 2014  Activity surrounds us, with heads covered we are brought to our feet. There is now no action to take, hope is the only straw to reach for in this desperate scramble. All of the willpower to maintain focus, all of the piecing together of the puzzle now seems trivial. We’re […]

The Heist 3/4

Approximately Midnight 28th November 2014  And I thought whirlpools spiralled to the centre. Not this one, the chaotic mess we find ourselves in seems to be a constant, moving in some ways but the direction remains unknown, we’re just passengers here. The confusingly hopeful developments continue, we are brought some water, it looks to be […]

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