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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

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Gluttony Expedition – Top of the Pyramid, Sapporo, Japan

 The morning of the rising sun, our first Japanese dawn; I had to use that cliche just once. In truth there’s little romantic glory about this almost hangover fatigue that welcomes us to our tiny apartment that’s a little too hot, but who cares, we’re in Japan where beauty is an asset of even the […]

While you were working – Dorothy and Toto, Sapporo, Japan

 The time has finally come, the cyclone that is Vietnam has swept by leaving us blinking wide eyed at the hard white light pouring down upon us at the departure gate. So often travel is preceded by anticipation leaving the moment of departure to finally fit like a keystone upon many weeks or months of […]

While you were working – Forget Me Nots, Hanoi, Vietnam

 There’s love affairs and there’s just affairs, some are meant to last and some are made only for the memories which outlast a dream that will never be. In 40 days we’ve indulged in love affairs with Rob and Greg on the road trip to end all road trips, an affair became so much more […]

While you were working – A Mountains Promise, Pokhara, Nepal

Makeover day was yesterday, today is a new day in Pokhara as the footpaths are swept and the city wakes to the repetitive tune of a tourist town mixed with local heart and clashed cultures. We’re scrubbed and pretty sauntering morning streets awash with people carrying laden trays of pastries surrounded by fresh fruit and […]