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What you’d rather be seeing – Thailand

Thailand. Close your eyes a minute and what do you see? Cheap beers, bars, beaches, ladyboys, nightlife? Many do and many are so wrong. Like judging a book by its cover, the pages have revealed so much more; Thailand deserves a second look; a proper look. This is what we saw in the short time […]

Top 10 – Thailand

 They’re falling like ten pins these borders, we’re crossing countries in a flash but in the hasty flight that is our south east Asian whirlwind travel gems are not lost to the void of a swirling tempest. On a recurring theme of ‘more than what you thought’ we leave Thailand and with it comes the […]

While you were working – A Dark Alley, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 There’s food, riding bikes around town, some shopping and outstanding coffee. Even the coffee must be skimmed over today as they pale into insignificance come 8:30pm, the moment this day becomes alive in a way to make the hours that came before it seem irrelevant, not worth commenting on. In a travel headspace where every […]

Gluttony Expedition – Eating our Feelings, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 We’ve finally recovered. Battling through self doubt, harsh acceptance and crippling restraint there emerges now light peeking through a dark cloud so full of trials, an uplifting wash of euphoria at the achievement that always seemed to distant. We’ve finally broken free of our eating disorder, the Lao food eating disorder that compelled us to […]