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Tag / cycling

Top 5 – China

 Our venture into the weird world that is China took place over a relatively short period of time and was centred around one major activity: cycling. So this time it’s a top-5 rather than a top-10 as we ventured into not only visiting a new country but having a look into one of recent histories […]

While you were working – Snobs, Nannuoshan, China

An alarm so rudely bleats at us in our warm sanctuary of comfortable bedding among the plastic city that offers so little other than this pile of crumpled sheets, there’s quite literally nowhere better to be than in this bed. Possibly the breakfast buffet has a claim to that title and in the tumbling rain […]

While you were working – Little Biscuits, Menghai, China

One could be forgiven for thinking that this part of our trip, the journey into China is about cycling, catching up with friends or even a cultural eye opener into a new country. It’s all these things but don’t look now, there’s an elephant in the room: tea. Yes we’re cycling the mountains of Yunnan […]