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While you were working – The long march, Huerquehue

Today is the day we drop tent and venture back to humanity, suitably relieved of any alcohol in readiness for the reunion with team Poland. The two days walking thus far has been harder than expected, partly due to the terrain and partly due to our waning fitness. Just how much of each factor remains […]

While you were working – Bath time, Parque Huerquehue

With the big walking day done in this Bear Grylls but-not-fake journey we wake to a blissful morning in our new tent, new sleeping bags and new everything. Ok so we’re not exactly in survival mode; has Charlie made the green tea and granola yet? It’s so hard to get good help out here. Today […]

While you were working – Parque Huerquehue, Chile

With the haze of Christmas drawing to a fine point in the rear view mirror we set our sights on offsetting the recent heavy drinking we’ve bravely endured. There seems only one true option here, and that’s to take on a few days camping in the nearby Parque Nacional Huerquehue; and we’re still unsure how […]