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While you were working – Tie a Scarf, Kathmandu, Nepal

How lucky we are so safely tucked into a relatively unaffected part of Nepal during what, as far as I can tell, might stand as the largest natural disaster of this year. Buildings we were standing on lay in rubble, the death toll sits at over 8000 and rises daily and all the while we […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Nepal

Our trip to Nepal originally focused on completing the Annapurna Circuit including Thorung La (5416m pass); however the major 7.8 earthquake occurred when we were in Manang just prior to the assent to the pass.  We turned back rather than risk the aftershocks creating an avalanche on the pass. We feel desperately for the Nepali […]

Top 10 – Nepal

What a first introduction into Asia, we entered Nepal with a foremost thought to mountains and a spiritual people; we leave fixed mostly on the earthquake that at this point has claimed over 8,000 lives. Our time in Nepal has taken place in only really three places yet from those three places we have indulged […]

While you were working – Sale, Kathmandu, Nepal

Another day comes screeching in the window in this most manic of cities, the regular bleat of car and scooter horns is fast becoming our sound-track to Kathmandu. With passes sorted for hiking Annapurna yesterday we stay the hand of giddy hiking excitement to delve for a more tourist mode, and in Kathmandu that means […]

While you were working – New Jacket, Kathmandu, Nepal

More clear headed today we awake with senses more coherent than dazed, more eager than retreating. There’s a world outside the window of our guesthouse but it’s barely outside at all, sounds wedge themselves into every nook of this city including our room. And so the slow resurrection from travel coma takes place, drowning in […]

While you were working – Making Sense, Kathmandu, Nepal

Words are such a powerful thing sometimes, fear, joy, love and despair join a raft of emotions that can be dragged irrationally from seemingly nowhere and laid upon the unsuspecting victim from the utterance of a single word. These unbidden fish are plucked from the still waters of our minds so individually they rarely carry […]