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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

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Gluttony Expedition – The Last Supper, Kyoto, Japan

 Scampering through a break in the rain we’re fishing our way through another notably irregular lane in Kyoto looking for our dinner tonight, hidden behind yet another one of those discrete doors that offer promise and suggestion more than invitation. For a month we’ve had our eye irresistibly dragged towards these suggestions, these promises all […]

While you were working – Slippery Slope, Kyoto, Japan

 Swallowed into a great cavity between two buildings we’re engulfed into a truly Japanese universe, a universe of food. Nishiki market is Kyoto’s answer to every food lovers dream; a narrow arcade that runs for about four city blocks crammed with everything weird, wonderful and delicious about Japan. Smells of soy, seafood, salt and seaweed […]

While you were working – Beautifully Boring, Kyoto, Japan

 We’ve been avoiding the elephant in the corner all this time in Japan, a country so famed for tradition and rich culture always has a beating heart which feeds that culture. In Japan, that beating heart is none other than the city of Kyoto. We’re finally in our third capital of Japan, from 794 – […]