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While you were working – R.I.P. Hue, Vietnam

 After two sessions at the mechanic in Hue we’re finally off and running, pushing forward towards the Ho Chi Minh trail and onward to Phong Nha. The leg of riding through the Phong Nha national park is not only one of the longest days on this road trip its also meant to be one of […]

While you were working – Educating Greg, Hue, Vietnam

 Our day threatens to begin like some others have, with a desperate need for food and coffee. Possibly it’s now appropriate to make a confession, pretty much all days start this way but lets all agree to keep up the illusion that we are about more than just food, shall we. Sadly this days commencement […]

While you were working – A Bit of Bling, Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

 The screaming public row that was yesterday simmers still, there’s no need for a trip to the lawyer for divorce proceedings, just a trip to the mechanic that we’re calling a counsellor nowadays. This is the best counsellor ever, it turns out all along that all Rob needed was something shiny to wear out to […]