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While you were working – The Cycle, Moremi, Botswana

The sun rises and falls in a rhythm so much more present and tangible than we are used to, no curtains shield from a bright dawn and camp lighting is so feeble in banishing darker corners. And so it goes, our temporary reinvention to our less modernised selves sees us up at 5:30am in accordance […]

While you were working – Looking and Seeing, Moremi, Botswana

After last nights excitement we’re pumped for another day, the wet mess that was our adventure into Chobe is slowly sinking away into the sands of Moremi. We now have the environment and atmosphere that we were searching for all this time, it’s just not quite where we expected it to be. Beautiful environments we […]

While you were working – Angels, Moremi, Botswana

It rains and it rains and it rains, our night spent in the tent has been punctuated by the relentless teeming of an out of season downpour. In a rare clearing we are up and full of vigour for the day ahead, eager to get away we are in the car, first stop the most […]