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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

Tag / mt fuji

While you were working – Please Rewind, Tado, Japan

 Love the sinner, hate the sin; that’s how the saying goes I believe. We love this mountain climbing thing but there’s no avoiding it, this 2:45am wake up is an abomination of biblical proportions. It’s not an abomination in the gay sex, eating shellfish or wearing different fabrics at once kind of way, that just […]

While you were working – Life Beneath a Cloud, Gotemba, Japan

 Kicked out of the apartment at 8am I find myself wandering the streets of Tokyo while Charlie takes a call back home to a prospective new employer, not happy with the title ‘unemployed, kept husband’ it seems. A light spatter of rain gives the city a sheen in the subdued morning hour, there’s little trace […]