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What you’d rather be seeing – Thailand

Thailand. Close your eyes a minute and what do you see? Cheap beers, bars, beaches, ladyboys, nightlife? Many do and many are so wrong. Like judging a book by its cover, the pages have revealed so much more; Thailand deserves a second look; a proper look. This is what we saw in the short time […]

Top 10 – Thailand

 They’re falling like ten pins these borders, we’re crossing countries in a flash but in the hasty flight that is our south east Asian whirlwind travel gems are not lost to the void of a swirling tempest. On a recurring theme of ‘more than what you thought’ we leave Thailand and with it comes the […]

While you were working – A Sweet Face, Bangkok, Thailand

 Every cloud has a silver lining goes the saying, just as every road has a traffic jam in Bangkok, yet a hard task it is to scratch the former from the latter. An ocean of red lights twinkling as if a burning moon has rippled the surface of a world stood still turns our silver […]

While you were working – A Dark Alley, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 There’s food, riding bikes around town, some shopping and outstanding coffee. Even the coffee must be skimmed over today as they pale into insignificance come 8:30pm, the moment this day becomes alive in a way to make the hours that came before it seem irrelevant, not worth commenting on. In a travel headspace where every […]