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While you were working – Farewell Polska Drużyna

The last of the embers have settled into the Valparaiso harbour along with the banished haze of a new years bender not to be forgotten; the former far sooner than the latter. Even this is questionable of team Poland, or as they say in central Europe, Polska Drużyna. Valparaiso seems a long way away now […]

While you were working – Flying south for the summer

Southern hemisphere migratory birds may fly south for the summer; we aren’t afforded the freedom and grace of flight, overnight busses are the less romantic version of our seasonal migration. Before that can happen though we need to fatten up our stores for the journey into the cold, namely gathering our appropriate clothing and gear […]

Gluttony Expedition – Welcome to Chile

The nine years since we’ve been in Santiago has been a busy time with the city growing up a lot since we were here last, particularly in terms of its cuisine. Our previous edition of eating in Santiago was punctuated by three main factors that come to mind all these years later; horrid amounts of […]