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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

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Top 10 – Japan

 Like the last taxi left all alone on the rank at 2am there is but one stop before this journey continues on home soil. One month ago we metaphorically jumped in that last taxi of the night and set off for our final adventure of the adventure. Far from a nauseating ride home from a […]

While you were working – Orange Dreams, Osaka, Japan

 Our feet with the rubber thongs that carry too many rough traveller credits pad a little out of place on the wide paved footpath of Osaka’s central business area. Charlie’s green T-shirt has that little rip near the tag that is getting wider and wider by the country but it’s so warm at altitude while […]

Gluttony Expedition – Room for Two, Nha Trang, Vietnam

 It’s time to pay the bill, but we don’t have any idea how much we’re to be paying and only a slight idea what we’re paying for; we’re sure we ordered something with beef in it but was there beef in dinner? Yousef hands over some notes and a young boy stands stuck to the […]