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Month / May 2015

While you were working – Tie a Scarf, Kathmandu, Nepal

How lucky we are so safely tucked into a relatively unaffected part of Nepal during what, as far as I can tell, might stand as the largest natural disaster of this year. Buildings we were standing on lay in rubble, the death toll sits at over 8000 and rises daily and all the while we […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Nepal

Our trip to Nepal originally focused on completing the Annapurna Circuit including Thorung La (5416m pass); however the major 7.8 earthquake occurred when we were in Manang just prior to the assent to the pass.  We turned back rather than risk the aftershocks creating an avalanche on the pass. We feel desperately for the Nepali […]

Top 10 – Nepal

What a first introduction into Asia, we entered Nepal with a foremost thought to mountains and a spiritual people; we leave fixed mostly on the earthquake that at this point has claimed over 8,000 lives. Our time in Nepal has taken place in only really three places yet from those three places we have indulged […]

While you were working – Forbidden Fruit, Pokhara, Nepal

Annapurna sinks back in time despite standing guard above us all the while here in Pokhara, the sedate travellers waltz has taken it’s grip on us in a slow rolling sway through a city not known for passivity. The world peace pagoda holds no surprises, a big shiny stupa commemorating world peace and not much […]

While you were working – A Mountains Promise, Pokhara, Nepal

Makeover day was yesterday, today is a new day in Pokhara as the footpaths are swept and the city wakes to the repetitive tune of a tourist town mixed with local heart and clashed cultures. We’re scrubbed and pretty sauntering morning streets awash with people carrying laden trays of pastries surrounded by fresh fruit and […]

While you were working – Makeover Day, Pokhara, Nepal

What is all this stuff, these strange surroundings? Heavy fabric curtains cover large windows casting only a small halo of light on these unwitting soon-to-be humans who belong to the other side of the heavy fabric. Replacing our sleeping bags is a mountain of soft down with no limiting sleep sack to restrict movement; I […]

While you were working – Handsome Bully, Pokhara, Nepal

A green plastic table lays out before us, a timid fidgety man vacates a seat on our approach unbidden making way for people of some import that doesn’t feel like us; he doesn’t seem to know that. The will to defy the inaccuracy of false praise still sits at a higher elevation as we take […]

While you were working – Not Jealous, Chame, Nepal

After a hateful night sleep that entailed more nauseous sweating than sleep I’m up into a new day and feeling definitely worse for wear, a rolling stomach has me in no shape for walking. Pisang isn’t an inspiring town with no electricity and therefore no contact leaving us cold, uncomfortable and isolated. We need to […]

While you were working – Lucky, Pisang, Nepal

It’s the day after, but not really. The quake like any other of it’s kind continues with little reminders of our vulnerability, a small aftershock at 5am was missed by us sound asleep but has the town in a buzz. Today we will finally be taking the step away from the road and embarking on […]

While you were working – A Himalayan Shrug, Manang, Nepal

After five days of slogging it up the hill we have come to that big red circle on the calendar page, rest day. We have just a 30 minute stroll from Braga to Manang but not before a little poke around old Braga, our first moment of free time cannot pass without a little exploration. […]

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