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While you were working – Life Beneath a Cloud, Gotemba, Japan

 Kicked out of the apartment at 8am I find myself wandering the streets of Tokyo while Charlie takes a call back home to a prospective new employer, not happy with the title ‘unemployed, kept husband’ it seems. A light spatter of rain gives the city a sheen in the subdued morning hour, there’s little trace […]

While you were working – Eternal Sunshine, Tokyo, Japan

 Beyond the ocean of iconic cultural markers Japan has thrown up for us there lies a far greater history that paves an unbroken road to the Japan we know today. In our lifetimes Japan has long held it’s allure as a nation of wonder but before that Japan was for a long time an imperial […]

While you were working – Super Dreams, Tokyo, Japan

 What’s Japan, what makes this huge little country stand so boldly on the world stage? Surely that question posed to ten different people would draw ten distinct answers, as distinct as the many facets of what makes this nation the character that it is. For many of our generation the romantic seed of Japan was […]

While you were working – Childish Notions, Hakodate, Japan

 Atop this mysterious nation of imperial history sits an island, Hokkaido, our introduction to Japan. A culture built from fantasy and mystique refined over centuries. Before we plunge into the high tech neon world that is ultra-modern Japanese mainland we must farewell the frontier island of Hokkaido where the clearest water in the world forms […]

While you were working – Convenient Convenience, Sapporo, Japan

 It’s the day after the storm, the food storm that is; last nights dinner still seems like a strange side effect of an illicit drug binge; we had a surreal experience we still can’t describe but we’re sure it happened. Depressingly clear headed we are into the day after finally braving the complexities of a […]

Gluttony Expedition – Top of the Pyramid, Sapporo, Japan

 The morning of the rising sun, our first Japanese dawn; I had to use that cliche just once. In truth there’s little romantic glory about this almost hangover fatigue that welcomes us to our tiny apartment that’s a little too hot, but who cares, we’re in Japan where beauty is an asset of even the […]

While you were working – Dorothy and Toto, Sapporo, Japan

 The time has finally come, the cyclone that is Vietnam has swept by leaving us blinking wide eyed at the hard white light pouring down upon us at the departure gate. So often travel is preceded by anticipation leaving the moment of departure to finally fit like a keystone upon many weeks or months of […]

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