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While you were working – Hide and Seek, Dharapani, Nepal

From a nights sleep spent on a pillow of desperate disappointment the sun rises to a day of reclaimed optimism. We’re not really spiritual people but the idealism of Annapurna has reached near sacred status to us, our first day of seeing a desecration of this place was a sharp slap in the face we […]

While you were working – More Wrapping Paper, Jagat, Nepal

Four years of Christmas like anticipation has banked up, the boots are laced  up, packs are packed and I don’t care anymore that I woke up this morning with signs that I shared a bed with a rat last night. The first footfalls take place from the wobbly timber guesthouse and onto the rough stone […]

While you were working – Apple Pies, Buhlbuhle, Nepal

After a hateful exercise in restraint we’re finally off to Annapurna today, just saying that seems forbidden such has been the wait. We’ve had a great time in Kathmandu but Nepal has always been about Annapurna, one of the few big items on the travel list that was never at risk of falling foul of […]

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