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While you were working – An Exhale, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A long drawn out and much needed exhale is what we find ourselves within, a temporary pause in the midst of the whirlwind that has been our last six months. In the rush of this adventure we have been assailed by sights, experiences and immersions so relentlessly that a slight pause becomes more than a […]

While you were working – More Than One Window, Buenos Aires, Argentina

So far from mountains we find ourselves, alpine escapists no more as we delve into the heady sweaty hum of one of the worlds great big cities. Buenos Aires unquestionably defies the Argentinian cliche that we’ve seen in cities settling some distance from the vibrant culture that defines this country. Buenos Aires has swagger, flair, […]

While you were working – Chasing Adventure, Argentina

Beunos Aires is indeed playing it’s part to resurrect the impression of urban life in Argentina, through our eyes at least. If travelling is a metaphor for life then life is an adventure, the passivity of comfortability is an option contra to the tatty corners of a passport. Buenos Aires is a huge city, 13 […]