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What you’d rather be seeing – Chile

We loved Chile. It is a fun, outdoor focused and friendly country that I really enjoyed getting my camera out in. Below are some of my favourite images from our time there, I hope you enjoy them. Note please view on an iPad or larger screen. Arica San Pedro de Atacarma Parque Huerquehue Valparaiso Santiago

Top 10 – Chile

With a huge amount of highlights not in this list it’s fair to say that Chile was very good to us. We have travelled in the south of Chile before, this time the north laid out such a differing array of cards it’s hard to believe they could be in the same deck. Notably Salar […]

Gluttony Expedition – Welcome to Chile

The nine years since we’ve been in Santiago has been a busy time with the city growing up a lot since we were here last, particularly in terms of its cuisine. Our previous edition of eating in Santiago was punctuated by three main factors that come to mind all these years later; horrid amounts of […]

What you’d rather be seeing – Northern Chile

Parque Nacional Lauca Up here we see the most water we’ve seen, lake ChungarĂ¡ sits at the base of two volcanos, Parinacota the grandest at 6350m. This is just rude, just rude. A salty altiplano lake with crusty white and yellow trim supports flamingos, ducks and god knows how many other birds enclosed by a […]