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Tag / ho chi minh

While you were working – Grand Shadows, Hanoi, Vietnam

 As the last few intense days settle into some form of normality we are off into Hanoi for a more regular tourist look into the sights, sounds and smells of this crazy town. Through the washing machine of seeing a young life take steps towards forgiving himself, hearing of a heart wrenching past and feeling […]

While you were working – Same Same or Different, Hue, Vietnam

 We’ve woken up not in the twilight zone, but the demilitarised zone. This is not a science fiction scenario or a drug induced psychosis, just the middle of Vietnam where at the Geneva conference of 1954 the post colonial division of north and south Vietnam was drawn. In fact the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) is a […]

While you were working – Coffee Buzz, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

 What’s this whole business about a ‘coffee buzz’ I hear? Can’t get to sleep, makes me shaky, I’m buzzing; all common catch cries for the caffeine light weight. I want a buzz too, where’s my buzz? Maybe we’re a just tougher or possibly we’re simply pre-enlightened addicts, but for whatever reason coffee remains for us […]

Gluttony Expedition – Walking tall, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

 Spat out into the world once again; a new city to explore, a new culture to taste, a new language we can’t speak. There’s a mountain of history pouring down on us in Ho Chi Minh, the southern capital of Vietnam but for now the long stories of Vietnam and its place in the region […]