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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

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Tag / onsen

While you were working – Golder than Gold, Kinosaki, Japan

 Our toes cling to the ragged rocks so comfortably to stare over the edge into ebbing waters below, lives lived near the sea don’t forget this too easily. The ocean slops and slaps against the rocks in such familiar fashion but it’s not our Pacific Ocean, it’s the sea of Japan, a world away but […]

While you were working – Walk of Shame, Kinosaki, Japan

 On rain slicked roads we walk the familiar walk, one backpack on the back, one on the front like a heavily pregnant hermaphrodite hermit crab. For so much of our time we attempt in vain to wipe clear any lingering stink of tourist cliche but on these ambling staggers from train station to accommodation there’s […]

While you were working – Please Rewind, Tado, Japan

 Love the sinner, hate the sin; that’s how the saying goes I believe. We love this mountain climbing thing but there’s no avoiding it, this 2:45am wake up is an abomination of biblical proportions. It’s not an abomination in the gay sex, eating shellfish or wearing different fabrics at once kind of way, that just […]