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While you were working – No apology necessary, Sayta, Argentina

Such a strange arrangement of circumstances, when similarity repeated refuses to become tedious, instead becomes all the more enthralling. Welcome to Sayta where days and nights roll together in a barely perceptible tidal ebb and flow, the hypnotic rhythm predictable and all the more entrancing for being so. There is asado for lunch every day […]

While you were working – Back in the saddle, Sayta, Argentina

The far too brief handover from dinner to breakfast takes place over the typically pithy sweet bread and tea; this new day starting barely distinct from the previous. Nursing a healthy dose of withdrawals from our continuous alcohol lifestyle we are bizarrely not offered wine for breakfast from the punishing hospitality at Sayta. More wine […]

While you were working – Empty celebrity, Salta, Argentina

We all know a name don’t we, that sad state of affairs with both the person and the fame itself competing to comment most insultingly on all of us. Like a great archaeological urn: beautiful, powerful, valuable and all together empty of everything it hints at containing; Not to mention fake, disappointment is its currency. […]

While you were working – Touching the flame, Salta, Argentina

The heart throbs and the pulse races, we are surrounded by fire consuming and making fuel of any new shoot intent on bland staid endeavours. This fire is all consuming, bubbling unseen below the surface of every daily act akin to the eternal grinding movement of the earth below. We are where the earth literally […]