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What you’d rather be seeing – Valparaiso, Chile

We spent a wonderful four days over New Years in the Chilean party city of Valpo. Steve has already summed it up so well however it has been such a photogenic city that I wanted to put my favourites in its own “what you’d rather be seeing”. I hope you like a couple of them […]

While you were working – Sing it again Valpo

There are rare times when things become or simply are, more than they ought. Be it a person achieving beyond expectations, an event with outcomes out shining its station or indeed a place that lives bigger than its borders. Welcome to Valparaiso, or as only seems appropriate given the irreverent disregard to the norm here, […]

While you were working – Skies ablaze, New Years, Valparaiso

A home cooked breakfast has the team in fine fettle, we’re bursting to get out and about into this city that seems like it’s always alive on the one day of the year it truly kicks into overdrive. All of the warm romanticism of our first impressions yesterday seem alive and possibly even enhanced. We’d […]

While you were working – Valparaiso, Chile

Christmas is done and we’re thoroughly detoxed from our nature bender in Parque Huerquehue so there’s only one thing to be done; meet up with team Poland and re-saturate on alcohol. So it’s off to Valparaiso, or ‘Valpo’, the well renowned party spot for Chileans and indeed anyone worth their salt on new years eve […]