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Tag / vietnam war

While you were working – The Trail, Khe Sanh, Vietnam

 The time has arrived, we’re fronting up to the mechanics dressed in black like a couple of grieving widows. As we approach there’s no solemn face with a serious brow, no empathetic tilt of the head to assure us that they did everything they could. Instead there’s Greg, or a bike that looks like Greg […]

While you were working – Same Same or Different, Hue, Vietnam

 We’ve woken up not in the twilight zone, but the demilitarised zone. This is not a science fiction scenario or a drug induced psychosis, just the middle of Vietnam where at the Geneva conference of 1954 the post colonial division of north and south Vietnam was drawn. In fact the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) is a […]

While you were working – Coffee Buzz, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

 What’s this whole business about a ‘coffee buzz’ I hear? Can’t get to sleep, makes me shaky, I’m buzzing; all common catch cries for the caffeine light weight. I want a buzz too, where’s my buzz? Maybe we’re a just tougher or possibly we’re simply pre-enlightened addicts, but for whatever reason coffee remains for us […]

While you were working – The PR Machine, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

 We want you! In the 50’s we hadn’t all seen those words before, emblazoned over the image of the man in a top hat looking half applaudingly and half accusingly with a finger pointing off the poster right at you. Apparently he wants you. Red white and blue adorns the iconic backdrop as he calls […]