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While you were working – Forget Me Nots, Hanoi, Vietnam

 There’s love affairs and there’s just affairs, some are meant to last and some are made only for the memories which outlast a dream that will never be. In 40 days we’ve indulged in love affairs with Rob and Greg on the road trip to end all road trips, an affair became so much more […]

While you were working – Grand Shadows, Hanoi, Vietnam

 As the last few intense days settle into some form of normality we are off into Hanoi for a more regular tourist look into the sights, sounds and smells of this crazy town. Through the washing machine of seeing a young life take steps towards forgiving himself, hearing of a heart wrenching past and feeling […]

While you were working – Great Things, Hanoi, Vietnam

¬†Yesterday we went to the pub with Tung and today he read my writings about that night. His English isn’t polished but at times correctness is not necessary when creating a writing voice or impact. Coming out was a long time ago for us and although we remember the time it’s impact has been dulled […]

While you were working – A Look in a Mirror, Hanoi, Vietnam

 Wandering these streets seems too familiar too quickly in the storm of chaos that describes them. Yet familiar they seem more than they ought, a travellers adaptability or maybe a human resilience we all have but so rarely grant an opportunity to shine? Tung is leading the way as he tends to do; being a […]

Gluttony Expedition – Perfectly Imperfect, Hanoi, Vietnam

 In the rainy pen of Hanoi we settle and slow our pace in contradiction to this city that is anything but slow of pace, we’re seeing the sights before the food storm descends upon our lives, a calm before the storm. The Ngoc Son temple sits in a lake near our hotel, this gracious setting […]

While you were working – From the Fire, Hanoi, Vietnam

 Rain rain go away, come again another day; as the saying goes for children wanting to play outside, so it does for us: children wanting to play outside. It is the rainy season so there’s little to complain about really but our planned ride to the scenic highlands north of Hanoi is all but washed […]

Gluttony Expedition – In Denial, Hanoi, Vietnam

 You know that sensation when you know something’s a little wrong but you don’t want to admit it yet, don’t want to make it real by giving it a name? It’s the nagging sensation like a lover that has become a little distant or your own declining fitness; that concrete evidence staring you in the […]

While you were working – Picking up a Smile, Hanoi, Vietnam

 We’re like kids on Christmas morning or maybe Easter Sunday, there’s something exciting happening today and although there’s no mistaking it, it’s a little hard to believe it’s actually happening. Leaving Ho Chi Minh city there were a million reasons that we would not make it and on the cusp of our triumphant ride we […]

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