We contacted the local fire brigade and paramedics for this one, Charles Philip Winn was going to go to the beach and expose that luscious ranga pigment (or lack thereof) to the tropical sun. In the face of a very realistic fear that he was going to burst into flame like a vampire in cheesy movies, we hopped some absolutely rad vintage Mexican fixies and these two temporary hipsters lugged it up to the beach. We may possibly have trespassed on a posh resort but we pulled the tourist card and no one stopped us, gold! Seriously, getting a laid back Mexican to give a crap about something trivial like that is impossible, a seriously unknown quality of this country.
So not to crap on too much, the sand was sandy, the water was clear, the sun was hot so to an Aussie, it was… a beach, you know the ones? But just a beach, not quite, for starters you cast your eye to the left and do you find…?

– A plastic mole with a boob job (cronulla)
– Bogans (cronulla again… or QLD)
– A plastic dude with budgies far too small (Bondi – nth)
– A plastic dude with D&G sunnies (Tamarama)
– A really red British tourist (pick a beach)
– A stoned disaffected youth (pick a nothern beaches beach)

Not here, not quite, it’s just a small Mayan beachside ruin, WTF! It’s quite weird, the beach is nice, but to have this slice of history right beside you is jarring and fantastic. We take a wander and the ruins are not exactly Palenque or Coba but the positioning is outrageous. It makes a fun but otherwise not notable beach visit definitely something to write home about, so, we are doing just that.

IMG_0401.While you were working - A day at the beach

Not nearly as noteworthy as the ruins are the awesome beach bars. We perch up on our oversize theatrical style swings and sip away at a beer in the cool breeze. After being in Mexico for three weeks we were absolutely hanging for a swim, maybe its just familiar, maybe we’re missing home, but it was sensational. We did notice red flags indicating ‘dangerous water’ though, this was weird. It was like a choppy high-tide south Narrabeen (really cool code for no waves at all) so we were uber rebellious and broke the shackles of limiting regulation to embrace freedom. Geez I love being a wanker on occasions.


Oh, and sunset is ok too 🙂