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While you were working – A Clear Vision, Manbo, China

A new day gently illuminates the heavy curtains of our sensory depravation chamber, an alarm pierces the air to trumpet the new days victory over us before it’s even begun. Immediately clear to us is that there’s two in the morgue today, well one at least, Charlie might be in the recovery ward but the […]

While you were working – Made in China, Ganlanba, China

Disaster strikes suddenly, our chances of victory in the Tour de Yunnan are dealt a sever blow with Charlie waking with a deathly pale visage after a horrid night running to the toilet. A tummy bug is a wretched thing at the best of times without being stuck in a foreign bed having to tiptoe […]

While you were working – The G8, Menglun, China

The first day of competition is upon us, a buzz fills the breakfast hall in a heady mix of nervousness and excitement, the addictive toxin of any elite level athlete. It could be the competitive spirit or it could be that we’re about to see familiar faces, Charlie’s mum in particular has been keen to […]

While you were working – Mao’s China, Jinghong, China

In a tempest of emotion we farewell Nepal for the short hop over to China and into a different world, it still amazes me the power contained in a border. With China on the horizon we’ve been soaking up literature about this mysterious nation so recently thrust into our consciousness in a way we cannot […]

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