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What you’d rather be seeing – Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Map of Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico Ethnicity: Zapotecan Region: Oaxaca, Mexico Period: 500BC to 950AD Population: peak 25,000 (350-700AD) Monte Albán, Patio Hundido (foreground), Gran Plaza (background), Oaxaca, Mexico from Edificio E – Nikon D80, Nikkor 10-24mm 1:3.5 100ISO. Edited Gran Plaza, Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico from Plataforma Norte – Nikon D80, Nikkor 10-24mm 1:3.5 […]

While you were working – Mexico City

As we leave Mexico City we’re feeling officially like we’re getting into this trip. To be honest it’s been quite a haze of jetlag and aforementioned chilli induced shit-a-thon. But the question is… Does Mexico City get the thumbs up? The answer is simply a big yes! In planning this trip we quite consciously avoided […]

Gluttony expedition- Part 1 of approx: 200

Street food: It seems pretty clear that one eats food on the streets, indeed not only eat, it seems that Mexico City lives on the streets. Houses are often built right up to the footpath with little or no outward presented living space, they’re often just walls. So Mexicans live life in the streets, they […]

TOP-10… Things to know about Mexico City

1- Great street food. Whatever the vendor says… Just say ‘si’, it’s gold. Street tacos are about 70c each and they’re a tiny little orgasm in a tortilla. 2- Don’t expect to find a public toilet anytime quickly. I managed to use a cafe toilet and nearly started a punch up. A very proud Mexican […]

Show me a Casino!

The sun we’ve been racing towards threatens the horizon casting a hopeful halo slicing a line in the darkness, this time behind us rather than before an untrodden path. Trapped in a sliding moment between two lives we occupy a space too small that offers too little light; of any tone. Time passes and time […]

When does this thing start?

We’re on the plane, in the hazy din of air travel, very little in this world is more than a blur. We’re somewhere in that phase between the hubbub of excitement our lives have been and the mental vacuum that is leaving life somewhat behind. It’s beginning to tip over the edge but the question […]

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