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While you were working: Is ‘tourist’ a 4 letter word?

It’s the eternal travel question, exactly how big a tourist do you want to be. Do you proudly show your Paddy Pallin brand hiking gear with some local guide you screwed down from $3 to $2.80 carrying your gear. Or do you reject the need for nutritious food, hygiene and sleep for the ‘real’ experience? […]

Top 10: Things to know about San Cristobal

1- Chamula: Chamula is a ‘must see’ for anyone going to San Christobel. THe indigenous community is another world right beside a tourism hot spot. Mexican law has no jurisdiction here, it’s a place where traditional culture meets and does battle with western influence. 2- La Viña de Bacco: This is the best exponent of […]

Top 10 – Things to Know about Oaxaca

The Important ones (food) 1. Carne Asada: OK lets set the scene. You walk in past smoking grills and meat on show to get a big wicker tray with shallots and chilli’s. You then take it to one of a bunch of vendors that have huge sloping displays of all sorts of meats and chorizo. […]

While you were working – Sierra Norte part 3

So today is starting well, a little queasy belly (Steve) escalates to schoolies week style blowing chunks in the dining room toilet, so sexy. Seems Tommy wasn’t done after all. Some water down and half an apple for breakfast sees us on our way pretty close to on time. Feeling really dusty and only about […]

While you were working – Sierra Norte part 2

In these parts there it seems there is a god who is a massive drama queen, lets call her Tommy, and she’s a vengeful bitch. Seemingly punished for our unexpected luxury we wake to a bit of a shitful day, the alpine atmosphere dealing up a densely clouded mass for Tommy to piss upon us […]

While you were working – Sierra Norte part 1

Ok it’s…. who the hell knows what day it is, and who cares, we’re off hiking. This does mean an early start (by normal circumstances, a hideous time by ours) so at, wait for it, 6am we get up… disaster! Through dead empty city streets we trudge, it seems Mexico has appropriate waking times sorted, […]

While you were working – mondayitis

So just to quell any speculation that all were doing is going to the pub and eating food… Today we go back to school in an attempt to develop some decent level of Spanish. That’s right you gallery of miscontent, we’re working hard for the money. But we’re not even being paid, these little post […]

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