So just to quell any speculation that all were doing is going to the pub and eating food… Today we go back to school in an attempt to develop some decent level of Spanish. That’s right you gallery of miscontent, we’re working hard for the money. But we’re not even being paid, these little post modern hipsters are contributing back to a local community (and ascending our high horses as I type on my iPad)… We’re so in touch with indigenous culture, we’re practically ambassadors by now.

Righteousness in a cup

So as we sip on our double shot macchiato served in locally made traditional crockery cups we ponder the impending return to school. With 6 months in Spanish speaking countries we’re hopeful of emerging from the mono-lingual Aussie cliche by the end. Today is the first official step on that trip.

And let’s face it, we can be all the more elitist if we speak a second language right? Might need to look into that Prius…