Ok it’s…. who the hell knows what day it is, and who cares, we’re off hiking. This does mean an early start (by normal circumstances, a hideous time by ours) so at, wait for it, 6am we get up… disaster! Through dead empty city streets we trudge, it seems Mexico has appropriate waking times sorted, go you Mexicans.
On the bus and going by 7, due at Cuajimoloyas (go on, say that one quick 10 times) at 9. and like clockwork, we’re waiting at the Sierra Norte office at 9am. Sierra Norte is a cool setup, its basically 8 small isolated townships that have banded together to cooperate and use their mountain homes as an eco-tourism venture. The townships range in altitude from 2000m to 3200m, Cuajimoloyas being the highest. We have never had any sort of guide but as is the setup to support the local townships we’re gladly led on our way, its also a good chance to immerse ourselves in Spanish a bit more. Not that the conversation is much more than Big Bear meets the yellow TellyTubby but it is a huge help all the same.

Surprise number 1:
The guides are really knowledgeable and it’s a surprise just how much we do understand. We add plenty to the vocabulary and get our Español ears going that little bit more. Through the worlds longest game of Anglo-Spanish charades we learn heaps about the native flora which for these budding horticulturists is awesome fun. We’re also given a good education in bush medicine Mexican style, it’s a great unexpected bonus. We’re also swooped overhead by a pretty sizeable vulture no more than 10m above us, seriously those things make is crazy, they’re bloody passenger jets! And I work in Marrickville, I know what that sound is. In nature, awesome, Marrickville… not so sexy.


Surprise number 2:
We were expecting some pretty basic accommodations so to arrive in La Tuvi, the smallest of the towns to find a pretty new-ish office building was pretty weird. But wait for it, shut the front door, the cabins are really nice, and there’s hammocks strung up overlooking a luscious mountain scene… BINGO! But it doesn’t stop there, we have our own toilet, a double bed, even a shower! But, shut the back door too, we have electricity! We have iPad music and everything, yes, its homo camping all the way.


Surprise number 3:
So were up in the mess hall for 7pm. Being low season were the only tourists in La Tuvi. The small dining room is the highest on the slope and has the most commanding view. We order a beer and settle in to enjoy a million dollar dining location. And just to put it out there, Corona is a RUBBISH beer without the lime, so we as for a little wedge and all is good. All rough and ready expectations are swept aside when the first course comes out, yes the first course, and its upward from there.

We’re truly intrepid explorers we promise you 🙂