Off for a bit of nature spotting. The Sumidero canyon is a pretty spectacular place full of wildlife, the highest cliffs ever and waterfalls. We take a bus from San Cristóbal for about half and hour, then board a boat for our journey…

We pulled the boat right up to this bad boy who was about 2m long, was awesome to see. He was laying motionless as we approached and opened the jaws up when we were right nearby, simply awesome.


At a point in the canyon there is a deeper section creating a backflow on the surface. There’s about 100m of refuse collected to form a dense layer on the surface. The boats simply barge their way through it to push on beyond and into the canyon. Most of it is organic but there’s a fair bit of plastic too which is a bit sad to see.


A native Mexican brown pelican swoops not far from us. These are smaller than the ones we’re used to in Australia but they’re a pelican all the way. They roost up on trees on the waters edge and they’re pretty majestic.


This waterfall is crazy, the cliffs are God only knows how high, maybe 200m at some points and this waterfall just explodes out at the midpoint of a cliff and sprays the canyon, amazing to see.


On the temporary floating island of crap seems to be a perfect settling spot for black vultures. They couldn’t care less about us and the boats barged through the rubbish within a few metres.


Picture says it all really. The cliffs are too high to get in the shot but you get the idea.


Another perspective of the life in the canyon, cactus cling to the cliff face and make a weird but impressive display. This canyon is a little ecosystem of its own and supports so much life it’s crazy