1- Chamula: Chamula is a ‘must see’ for anyone going to San Christobel. THe indigenous community is another world right beside a tourism hot spot. Mexican law has no jurisdiction here, it’s a place where traditional culture meets and does battle with western influence.

2- La Viña de Bacco: This is the best exponent of a wine bar we’ve found. Great wines from all over South America and a pumping vibe. The bar is good but what’s great is that it’s possibly the perfect example of when a foreign cultural concept is blended in and actually works. It makes something more than the sum of its parts which is so rare.

3- Sumidero Canyon: From cool altitude you drop into steamy tropical heat. A crazy amount of wildlife and scenery to blow your mind, it’s definitely more than just another tourist attraction.

4- Zapatistas: Zapatistas are a semi militant activism group based in and around San Christobal campaigning largely for equality for indigenous poeple. They’ve become more political nowadays and from the few sources we’ve encountered seem to be a fairly altruistic lot despite sometimes giving off a far more deadly and sinister impression.

5- Churches: There’s 47 of them within a short walk of where we stayed, they’re seriously everywhere. With about 95% catholics it’s a very religious town without a lot of diversity of faith.

6- Street Hawkers: San Christobal is also in the poorest part of Mexico, possibly very relative to point 5. Street hawkers are everywhere in Mexico it seems but there’s a huge amount here who are nearly all outcasts from local indigenous communities. Many of these outcasts aren’t criminals of any sort, for example, a large proportion are religious exiles who refused to become catholic and have been banished from places like Chamula.

7- Fundidos: Ok this is not a highlight, and they’re not a sex toy. We’ve had great fun ordering food and not knowing what’s coming as it’s always been great, fundidos are the first fail. It’s a pot full of melted oily cheese and tortillas… and not much else. It’s not nice wanky cheese either, imagine melted Kraft singles, foul.

8- Mezcal: Mezcal is the liquor of choice around here, Tequilla is a type of Mezcal. It’s not a liquor to ‘shot’, instead you slowly sip it. It’s not going to be for everyone, it’s quite strong but definitely worth a try.

9- Na Bloom: Mexico just seems to have history out the wazoo, and every town seems to have a small museum of the like. In an awesome old home it’s a slice of history to put your head in the right place.

10- Atmosphere: It’s hard to refine this but the old colonial nature of the town is awesome. Cobbled streets, beautiful architecture and a bustling street life give San Christóbal a vibe to go back for.