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While you were working – Farewell Peru

We’re finally heading out of Peru, this day cannot have come soon enough. We have thankfully been able to stay sane and not get a divorce during the most painful travel week ever and now metaphorically it’s time to finally flush this toilet. The stubborn unnaturally buoyant turd that is Peru has been preventing this […]

While you were working – On the treadmill

The journey commences, we are wading through the seemingly never ending marsh of clerical joy, wiping the administrative bum ever hopeful for the return of a clean square of toilet paper. The journey now takes us to the Australian embassy, a necessary step along the way, we need to get a statutory declaration detailing the […]

While you were working – Miraflores, Lima

The sleep of champions is the only way to describe last night. Aided by having a more comfortable bed than usual we feel the draining effects of adrenaline to begin realising our fatigue from the last day or so. One thing at a time though, we need to go shopping and begin the escalation of […]

While you were working – Getting into Lima

As the hateful events of last night settle into a greater sense of clarity, we begin to glimpse some forms of positivity; we have our health, we’re safe and we can start to get back on our feet. I chastise myself as I wade through the ever so boring process of changing passwords, erasing iPads […]

While you were working- A touch of drama

With our time in Huanchaco coming to a close its time for these little ducks to soak up some relaxation before the next step in the adventure, Huaraz and Cordillero Blanco. Cordillero Blanco is a region of the Andes that shares a title with just a few others as a particularly amazing part of a […]

While you were working – Around Huanchaco

It’s time to don the tourist hat and go catch some ‘must see’ sights of this area, and of course in this part of the world, they’re ruins. In our sights are the sun and moon temples (las Huacas Del Sol y La Luna) and the city of Chan Chan, all of which are pre […]

While you were working – Huanchaco Peru

I wake to a shock, panic flooding the fleeting moments as dreams escape to ether; but no, we’re not still on a bus, we awake in a bed, a real bed laying flat and all. This is happiness, or maybe relief; either way we’re in Peru, we can hear the waves crashing, the sun is […]

While you were working – Another day; another border

It’s travel time again and this one is gonna be a doozy, we’re travelling from Cuenca in Ecuador to Huanchaco in Peru, it should be about 17 hours hours over three buses leaving at 9:15pm… hateful. We’ve opted for a big leg as much of what we want to do in Peru is down the […]