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Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Tasting the world one meal at a time

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The Heist 4/4

Approximately 3am 29th Novmber 2014  Activity surrounds us, with heads covered we are brought to our feet. There is now no action to take, hope is the only straw to reach for in this desperate scramble. All of the willpower to maintain focus, all of the piecing together of the puzzle now seems trivial. We’re […]

The Heist 3/4

Approximately Midnight 28th November 2014  And I thought whirlpools spiralled to the centre. Not this one, the chaotic mess we find ourselves in seems to be a constant, moving in some ways but the direction remains unknown, we’re just passengers here. The confusingly hopeful developments continue, we are brought some water, it looks to be […]

While you were working- A touch of drama

With our time in Huanchaco coming to a close its time for these little ducks to soak up some relaxation before the next step in the adventure, Huaraz and Cordillero Blanco. Cordillero Blanco is a region of the Andes that shares a title with just a few others as a particularly amazing part of a […]

While you were working – Around Huanchaco

It’s time to don the tourist hat and go catch some ‘must see’ sights of this area, and of course in this part of the world, they’re ruins. In our sights are the sun and moon temples (las Huacas Del Sol y La Luna) and the city of Chan Chan, all of which are pre […]

Tell us where to go….

You’ve wanted to for years, go on, admit it… now’s your chance to finally tell us where to go. Not the wisdom of the interweb, 12 downloaded versions of Lonely Planet or the might of a Charlie Winn spreadsheet juggernaut has helped. It turns out that the world is a fairly big place and there’s […]

It’s a Lonely Planet…or is it?

We’ve bored everyone to death for years now about our great adventure and now, amazingly, it’s finally happening. So come to the farewell that is not a farewell at all. Joint us in a pre-emptive window to our journey, and yours. The Lonely Planet party is set for Saturday the 13th Sept 2014 at Playbar, […]