You’ve wanted to for years, go on, admit it… now’s your chance to finally tell us where to go.

Not the wisdom of the interweb, 12 downloaded versions of Lonely Planet or the might of a Charlie Winn spreadsheet juggernaut has helped. It turns out that the world is a fairly big place and there’s more to it than the spreadsheet or late night christian TV can handle… heaven forbid!

From capturing the last gasp of a cuban lifestyle before the tide of commercial westernisation to diving the caves of Yucatan, you, the throbbing masses have inspired our journey already. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of Central America.

So we need you! Where have you been? What experience has changed your life? What’s the once-in-a-lifetime? The best meal you’ve ever had?

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Follow our excellent adventure by clicking the follow button at the bottom of the page and, literally, tell us where to go. We’re rabid sponges waiting to soak up all your hopes and dreams, so, play your part will ya 🙂