We’ve bored everyone to death for years now about our great adventure and now, amazingly, it’s finally happening. So come to the farewell that is not a farewell at all. Joint us in a pre-emptive window to our journey, and yours.

The Lonely Planet party is set for Saturday the 13th Sept 2014 at Playbar, 72 Campbell St Sydney from 8pm.

Be part of the excellent adventure. We’re frequenting a bunch of countries and here’s your chance to join us. Come dressed as an offensive cliche of any country we’re going to. And lets have this said just once, too outrageous is never outrageous enough!

Here’s where we’re planning on going….
– Mexico
– Cuba
– Bolivia
– Peru
– Ecuador
– Columbia
– Argentina
– South Africa
– Botswana
– Zambia
– Nepal
– China
– Laos
– Cambodia
– Thailand
– Vietnam
– Singapore
– Japan

So join us! And don’t worry if you can’t come visit us around the world, we’ll enjoy it all for you.